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Tippleman's Barrel Smoked Maple Syrup



The Finest Maple Smoked Over Bourbon Barrel Staves

Tippleman's slowly smokes organic Vermont maple syrup over Willett bourbon barrel pieces at a very low temperature, imparting it with subtle smoke while keeping its buttery flavor. The end product is a smoky and sweet maple with notes of vanilla, bourbon and butterscotch.


13 fl oz/ 384ml
Average Pour Size: 1/2 oz
Yields about 26 cocktails


Organic Vermont Grade A Dark Color Robust Taste Maple Syrup


Of all the natural sweeteners available, maple may just be the most complex and flavorful. Especially this dark, robust maple, which is packed with buttery maple aromas. It takes many hours to impart gentle wisps of smoke from our bourbon barrels, but it gives the maple syrup an amazing end result and has forever transformed the old fashioned cocktail for them.