The Daffodils Are Coming!



I fell in love with Charleston one summer and made it my home more than 20 years ago. I have loved watching this community grow, particularly via its small businesses.

Essentially Charleston offers a curated collection of gift boxes and products from Charleston makers, artisans and designers. All products are locally made, designed and/or crafted! 

I believe the essence of a city, both in its history and future, lies with its artisans, designers and makers. This company supports local companies, keeps money in the community and provides an alternative to Big Box, made-somewhere-else stuff/gifts.

I envision small businesses thriving! I envision people feeling excited to see a custom Essentially Charleston gift box delivered, knowing something wonderful is inside! (Like a Tiffany box, but way better!) I envision event attendees getting A Taste of Charleston thank you gift box instead of a branded t-shirt that won’t fit. I envision corporations giving local gifts rather than gift cards. I envision cult followings of heirloom grains, family-recipe cookies and small-batch bloody mary mix. Of course, this is already happening and I'm happy to play my small part in spreading the goodness!

I hope you enjoy the stories, the recipes, the surcies, the soon-to-be heirlooms and everything else that Essentially Charleston has to offer!

Stay well,


Gray Family Photo

The Grays...because family is everything!