Summer Fun for the Fourth!

The Joggle Factory 8' Joggling Board (Includes Shipping)



As the saying goes, bigger is not always better. The 8’ joggling board is the #1 seller…because let’s face it, large porches are less common now that air conditioning is the norm.

Like all of our joggling boards, the 8’ sways back and forth for you, your family, and friends to enjoy a quiet evening, sipping sweet tea while watching lightning bugs dance across the sky!

As always, our joggling boards are handmade with traditional joinery, sustainable lumber, and eco-friendly water-based paint. Color: Charleston Green. a green so dark it appears black!

Overall dimensions:

  • 8’ long
  • Top board 12" wide
  • Seat height 23"
  • Overall width 19"
  • Overall height 32"
  • Sits 2-3 people


Shipped from the workshop. Because your new heirloom is handmade, expect a 1 - 2 week shipping time. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING WITHIN U.S. You will see "free shipping" on this item at checkout.


In 2010, The Joggle Factory was founded with the mission of making our beloved joggling boards accessible, affordable, and maybe even for The Joggle Factory to become a household name across the nation.

Chris, from the coast of South Carolina, and Kristi, from the mountains of Virginia, share a passion for the outdoors, good conversation, and cold libations. After Chris "popped the question" in 2008, he knew the only gift for his girl was a joggling board, where they could sit outdoors and enjoy each other’s company. Rather than find a more attainable gift, he decided to put his woodworking skills to good use by designing and building a joggling board for his bride.

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. Chris saw there was a larger need to build this Southern staple, not just for the affluent and the Charlestonians, but for everyone…and, thus, The Joggle Factory was born in March of 2010.

Chris & Kristi