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Perfect Pair: Tippleman's Cocktail Syrup + Grit & Grace Ornament


This Perfect Pair Includes:

  • Tippleman's Double Spiced Falernum Cocktail Syrup: Tippleman's added a punch to this classic bar syrup by freshly milling lots of whole spices like nutmeg, clove and allspice, hand peeling the skins of limes and saturating it all in the finest cane sugar we could find. Fresh ginger juice is added to make a robust syrup with notes of vanilla, lime leaf and clove.

  • Grit & Grace Decoupage Oyster Shell Ornament Drawing inspiration from the classic beauty of Delftware and fine china, this line of oyster shell dishes features delicate designs in rich shades of cobalt, indigo, and ivory offset with our trademark gilded rim. These hand-painted oyster shell ornaments are framed with azure recycled glass and wood beads. 
    5 Options: Bird, Butterfly, Indigo Floral, Tea Revelry or Peony

All Perfect Pairs are safely packed in custom blue boxes with Essentially Charleston branding.