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Meadors Magnetic Knife Holder


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The Meadors Magnet Strip designed by Emily Stecker is made of Walnut, with the coastline of South Carolina etched into the surface. A subtle metallic detail in the etching symbolizes the sun shimmering off the coastal marshes. The Magnet strip can be used as a knife holder, or to hold other objects. Mounting instructions and screws are included in the box.

Note: the corrugated silver background is not part of the magnetic strip. Knives are not included.


Meadors' striking-yet-versatile boards embody the art of entertaining in the South.  The collection exudes warmth and style using high-quality materials with soul that can be passed down to generations to come. Copper and walnut are naturally beautiful, antimicrobial, and sustainable. Made locally in our shop, our boards come with their own story, and are intended to be the centerpieces around which new stories are created.