The Daffodils Are Coming!

MacBailey Candle Co. Concrete Candle: Gold-Dipped Cabin Green Scent


Hand cast and filled with 100% soy wax with zero additives, this candle holds 12 ounces of wax for approximately 55 hours of burn time. 

  • Material Type : Concrete
  • Capacity : 12 oz (354 ml)
  • Burn Rate : 55 Hrs
  • Wax : 100% Soy
  • Diameter : 5.5"
  • Height : 2.75"

Cabin Green has mild citrus top notes, earthy undercurrent, and a woody, balsam core. It is perfect for the holiday season or for a cold winter evening snuggling by the fire.

Note Profile

citrus, green, fir, balsam, cedarwood, amber, and moss


Rich and Clara Bailey met in the fall of 2008. Fast forward eight years, add a baby, a dog, two full-time jobs and our plates were as full as ever! Once the baby started sleeping through the night, we found ourselves energized again and started making candles in our kitchen. Many hours and versions of the candle later, we have found the perfect recipe!  

We get all of our inspiration from walking around Charleston's streets. When you walk around, you see beautiful homes, old walls with exposed brick, and beautiful ironwork. We really try to incorporate that into our designs!