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Lulu's Spiced Orange Rich Never Simple Syrup


Crafted by Cooking Channel, Martha Stewart Weddings & Brides featured Baker & Bartender | Hand-Crafted in Charleston | Makes 8 Cocktails

Their Spiced Orange Syrup is the epitome of sweater weather. Oranges steeped with spices - it's like Fall in a bottle. Their unique square bottles can be reused for anything.

Did you know sugar isn't naturally white? It gets its snow-white color from being "bleached," often with animal bone char from cattle. Not so with all their rich, and never simple, syrup. The rich amber hue you'll see in Lulu's Cocktail Company's syrup infusion bottle is from using organic, vegan cane sugar.
Carefully add hot water. Allow contents to dissolve. Shake. Cool. Add to your favorite cocktail, mocktail, coffee or tea.