Summer Fun for the Fourth!

Lillie's of Charleston "Low Country Loco" Hot Sauce


This Charleston-style hot sauce will give you a fierce taste combined with a whole lot of burn. Full-bodied taste surrounded by a spicy fire, the loco blend is for heat-seekers who still want rich flavor. Use this for a Lowcountry spin on veggies, a spicy dip, or even whisked into your morning eggs. Pour it on as buffalo wing sauce or seafood marinade. Brunch is better with this hot sauce in your Bloody Mary. The possibilities are endless. Keep this bottle handy - you'll want more!

5.5 ounces

About Lillie's of Charleston

It all began in the early 1950s in Charleston, South Carolina with Dad and Grandma cooking in the kitchen. Summers spent in the kitchen with Grandma’s sister, Aunt Lillie, is where he honed his cooking skills. No matter who came to visit, they never left her house feeling unwanted, unloved, or hungry. This was the birth of our company slogan. As I was growing up, my father owned a restaurant in downtown Charleston called The Rib Shack. During the summers, my sister and I helped and witnessed Daddy giving his sauce away to customers taking food home. This was the birth of our family bottling the sauces, now Lillie’s of Charleston.