Teacher Thanks + Father's Day Gifts...

Holy City Holiday Breakfast Gift Box (large)


A gift box that will last throughout the season and into the New Year!

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit Mix: Use Callie's award-winning Buttermilk Biscuit Mix and simply incorporate butter, cream cheese, and buttermilk to make one dozen tender, buttery biscuits.
Marsh Hen Mill Heirloom Jimmy Red Grits: Jimmy Red Grits are a success story for Marsh Hen Mill and for all those who believe in reviving good things from the past that have been forgotten.  Greg spent eight years cultivating the almost-extinct variety of kernels on Edisto Island.
Red Clay Hot Honey: This honey packs a punch. Sustainably sourced, 100% raw wildflower honey infused with habanero mash for the perfect marriage of sweet meets heat. 
Southern Keep Strawberry Jam: What's not to love about this small-batch jam made from perfectly ripe local strawberries, a touch of brown sugar, and a hint of barrel-aged rum that makes it explode with flavor?
King Bean Coffee Roasters Mistletoe Java: With tasting notes of Cinnamon, Molasses, and Rum, Mistletoe Java is perfect for the season!
Charleston Favorites Pralined Pecans: These delicious treats are perfect for a snack or to serve at a cocktail party. Simply mouth-watering!
Rewined Poinsettia Candle:limited-edition holiday candle with notes of cranberry, orange, woods, and sparkling wine.