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Marsh Hen Mill Heirloom Black-Eyed Peas


Our old-fashioned black-eyed peas come from farmer Pinckney right down the road from our mill. They are traditionally eaten with greens for good luck at New Year's, but can be enjoyed anytime. Our heirloom black-eyed peas are high in protein and fiber, along with micronutrients such as folate, copper, and thiamine.

Heirloom Black Eyed Peas Heirloom grains, with their rich history and genetic diversity, hold vital significance. These traditional crops safeguard our agricultural heritage, foster resilience in the face of climate change, and promote sustainable farming practices. Preserving heirloom grains ensures food security, nutritional diversity, and the conservation of cultural traditions for future generations. Marsh Hen Mill Heirloom Black-Eyed Peas are high in protein and fiber, along with micronutrients such as folate, copper, and thiamine. 

1.5 pounds


On their Edisto Island farm, Greg and Betsy Johnsman operate historic working mills, creating grits used in the country’s finest restaurants, including James Beard award-winning chefs in Charleston and around the nation. On a 3-acre garden next to their market, they grow a variety of heirloom vegetables and specialty crops at the request of chefs.

At Marsh Hen Mill food is first. The focus is on providing the best heirloom products and milling the finest grits and cornmeal. What began with a couple of crazy kids with a dream is now a whole cadre of crazy characters filling the world with flavor one bag of stone ground goodness at a time.