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Toadfish Outfitters PUT 'EM BACK Oyster Knife


The Put ‘Em Back oyster knife was developed from generations of oystermen. It combines all the elements of a traditional oyster shucker with a modern look at ergonomics and the physics of shucking an oyster perfectly and safely. This artfully crafted multi-purpose knife will shuck raw or steamed oysters, and its sharp blade will cut them out of the shell with ease. Once you shuck an oyster with a Toadfish™ oyster knife blade, you will know why folks call these knives "the most thought out oyster shuckers ever created."

What Makes Our Oyster Knife Unique?

  • A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all Toadfish products goes directly to oyster habitat restoration projects
  • Handle made from post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Japanese stainless steel, stain-free, rust-resistant stainless steel blade that is bent on the tip section allowing raw oysters to 'pop' open from the hinge
  • Ergonomic thumb print handle design eliminates hand slippage making shucking safer
  • Use two Allen wrenches, 2.5mm to tighten as needed
  • Blade through design creating one of the most durable oyster shuckers on the market
  • A multi-purpose oyster knife designed to shuck raw and steamed oysters
  • Sharp edges on the tip section to cut oysters out of the shell
  • NOT designed for opening raw large 'rock' Gulf Coast oysters


This sauce is also on a mission to clean our coastal waters. For every Toadfish product sold, we pledge to replant new oyster reefs, which filter the water and provide a nursery for hundreds of marine species. In the first two years as a company, Toadfish has replanted over 60,000 square feet of oyster beds filtering millions of gallons of water per day. Together with your help we can ensure clean, healthy, and sustainable coastal waters for generations to come.

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