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The Restored Board "Copper" Round Cherry Medium Board


The metal accent in our “Copper” line is an antimicrobial metal, adding a touch of shine and sophistication to the board.

Made from solid Cherry, this board is created using food-safe adhesives and sealed with mineral oil and beeswax multiple times. This allows the finishing process to season your board and, essentially, repair itself from knife marks for it to be used for years to come.

All of our boards are made to be hand-washed. Dishwasher use and/or submerging in water is not recommended.

Finished size: approximately 12” in diameter and 5/8” thick

Ships in 4 - 6 weeks


Woodworking has always been a passion for Shane, learning the basic skills from his grandfather and growing from there. He's the talent in the woodshop and his wife, Katie, handles all things marketing and design behind the screen.

The Restored Board Design Co. gives us the opportunity to create unique products that serve a purpose for your everyday life without sacrificing beauty. Our products are handcrafted in Charleston, SC. With a large focus on shopping small and encouraging small businesses, we are honored to call this place home and can't wait for you to experience our products as we expand our product line. 

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