Toadfish Outfitters Farmer's Market Cocktail Sauce


When we founded Toadfish Outfitters, we started small at farmers' markets in Charleston, South Carolina. We shucked oysters and sold our Put ‘Em Back oyster knives. This fresh cocktail sauce is the only garnish we served at the market with our briny South Carolina oysters. Our recipe starts with a bold, spicy punch of hot horseradish and finishes clean with a sweet note of citrus. It is the perfect complement to fresh shellfish, shrimp, crab, or fish.

-Bold, balanced flavor that's not too sweet

-Perfect complement to seafood 

-12oz glass bottle



This sauce is also on a mission to clean our coastal waters. For every Toadfish product sold, we pledge to replant new oyster reefs, which filter the water and provide a nursery for hundreds of marine species. In the first two years as a company, Toadfish has replanted over 60,000 square feet of oyster beds filtering millions of gallons of water per day. Together with your help we can ensure clean, healthy, and sustainable coastal waters for generations to come.

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